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Focused Pupa Focus Application
Why should I use it?

Studying with focus is a very challenging and tiring process. Focused Pupa helps you make this challenging process enjoyable and profitable.


Thanks to the focus experience that Pupa Coin provides, it helps you to focus and study regularly.

Earn PupaCoin

For each focus session you do through our application, you will earn PupaCoin for the time you focus.


You can contribute to social responsibility projects with the PupaCoins you earn.

Generate Report

View the reports of the focus sessions you have done, both by lesson and by time, and increase your motivation.

The Statistics

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We give importance to evaluate and interpret our application according to latest updates.


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Usage Tips

How can I get more PupaCoin ?


Complete Your Profile Earn PupaCoin

We recommend that you complete your profile information so that we can customize the application according to your profile. Moreover, as you complete your profile, you earn PupaCoin.


Open Surprise Box Earn PupaCoin

The application gives the right to open daily Surprise Box to all users whose notifications are turned on. You can open a surprise box every day and get the chance to win lots of PupaCoins.


Invite a Friend Earn PupaCoin

As soon as every friend you invite to the app registers, you will earn 40 PupaCoins. You will earn as much as PupaCoin that your friend who registered with your invitation code earned from successful sessions during the first 1 week. Even if the friend you invite earns extra PupaCoins due to the sessions, you will only be charged PupaCoin for working time.


Watch Video Earn PupaCoin

As you watch promotional and academic videos in the Earn Points menu of our application, you earn PupaCoins as much as the video length (sec).


Answer Poll Earn PupaCoin

As you answer the survey questions we publish in our application, you earn PupaCoins in the specified amount. Answer all survey questions, collect PupaCoins!


Answer a Question Earn PupaCoin

As you answer the questions that are added regularly in our application, you earn PupaCoins in the specified amount.

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Get Focused, Earn PupaCoin and Donate for Good

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Our Team

We continue to develop our application by keeping the user experience in the foreground.

Our most important advantage is our experienced team, who developed our application by considering the feedback from the users.

Frequently asked Questions

Things to know about Focused Pupa

You can send us your questions about our app by sending an email to [email protected] or by downloading the app and sending it to us via the contact section in the app.

Our application is completely free and student friendly. You do not pay to use our application with all its features.
In order to enable you to use our application with your friends, it is possible to invite as many friends as you want to use our application through the invitation system. For every friend you invite, you get 40 PupaCoins. Moreover, you will earn extra PupaCoins as much as the successful focus minutes of the friend you invited for 1 week.
You can have as many focus sessions as you want during the day through the application. Since the session duration is maximum 60 minutes, you can start a new focusing session when the successful focusing session is completed.
We keep your personal data securely on our dedicated servers. In addition, we regularly report which of your data is stored within our application within the scope of KVKK and according to which criteria they are used.

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We wanted to satisfy your curiosity about Focused Pupa!

Since our app is completely free, you can download it now and experience the unique focusing experience.

User Comments

Some user comments about the app

Here are a few comments we have chosen for you from some of our users who have experienced the unique focus of our application.

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